Automatic Pet Feeder

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Feed Your Cat And Dogs Without Even Being Home! It's Simple

Do you always busy with your business? Can't you feed your pet regularly? Can't you find reliable people to take care of your pets when you go out? or does your pets need to keep a diet ? Our automatic feeder will help you with all these problems!

You Can Easily And Automatically Feed Your Cat And Dogs Without Even Being Home! It's Simple, Effective And A Clean Way To Feed Your Pet At An Instant!

By using the automatic pet feeder you can feed your pet at scheduled times during the day; also you can schedule regular feedings and have portion control so you can feed your pet the perfect amount on a regular schedule by setting it up when they have meal time.


  • Food Capaticy: The capacity of this automatic pet feeder is 3L, which can hold up to 3.4lb dry food (the weight maybe different because of the different size of the pet food). The food can supply for couple weeks if you fully fill the container, you just need to gently unscrew the lid to fill food and check how much food is left.
  •  Feed in Customize Ration: The cat feeder is designed with equal sized small grids, which decide how much food does it give for every portion. Each grid can hold 5g food, about 1/12 cup, you can give 1- 39 portions per meal to help your pet keep healthy diet.
  • Sound Recording: Voice recording function can call your pets to have meals and give them good appetite and mood when having meal. The dog food dispenser will automatically play your recording once feeding time is up.
  • Program Panel: This amazing feeder have many useful and excellent functions, they all need to be set by the high quality LCD screen to feed your pets accurately and regularly.
  • Infrared Detection Tech: The food dispenser apply advanced infrared detection technology to prevent food from spilling and stuck in the hole (fit any different shapes dry foods, the food size can not exceed 0.39" * 0.39"/ 1 cm*1 cm).
  • Double Power: This automatic cat feeder can both powered by power adapter (include) or 3 "D" cell Alkaline batteries (not include). You can use the battery as a back up which can keep working for 1 year, to make sure it keep working even when power cut off.
  • Unique Design: Designed in alien shape, this food dispenser is not only practical but also have novelty appearance, your pets will definitely love it.
  • Easy to Clean: The pet feeder simply consists of two main parts, the head part contains pet food can be washed directly, the core machine is not waterproof, but can be cleaned with wet cloth.


  • Time and amount programmable: you can feed your pet 4 meals at scheduled times, And every meals have 1-39 portion control, which can help the pet develop a good eating habit;
  • Infrared induction: this automatic pet feeder with infrared sensor, when the bowl fills a certain amount, the machine automatically stops, preventing food from overflowing;
  • Voice recorder: this feeder will allow you to record your voice 10 second where you can record your voice calling your pet to come and enjoy their meal time;
  • Power supply: you can either use the power adapter comes with the feeder or batteries batteries is not including) in order to deliver power to your automatic pet feeder;
  • Keeping food fresh: the head part where you put the food have good leakproofness and keep fresh; the feeder will be delivered fresh food at every meal for your pet, So you will not have to worry about them getting any old or stale Food ingested. Note: We suggest to put batteries inside as well when you are away to avoid anything unexpected happen to the electricity.


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Customer reviews
4.6 out of 5

Darryl Blair
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on February 18, 2019

This is the second automatic feeder I have purchased. The first feeder was a different brand and works fine, but I am finding that I prefer this feeder because it is quieter and much easier to program than the other feeder and I love that it has an AC power cord/adapter along with batteries, so I don't have to worry about a power outage or the batteries running out. I would say the only downside to this feeder is that the bowl is not detachable. I use a damp wash cloth to wipe and scrub out the dish every few days. Otherwise, this feeder is much preferred to my other one!

Roberta Arnold
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on February 16, 2019

Jesus Fletcher
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on February 3, 2019

Purchased for outside/basement cats. Programming is ultra easy. Plug in feature is great but uses batteries if no plug available. I've been using it plugged in. The recording feature is hysterical for humans, don't know if the cats pay attention to it. The most impressive features of this little R2D2 robot looking cat feeder is the fact that the top where you fill the food locks in place. We have a problem with raccoons getting into the cat's food so program last feeding for 4 p.m. so the dish is emptied by the cats before the little nocturnal scoundrels get at the food. In their raccoon rage they have bitten, scratched, slobbered on and tossed the thing around like a soccer ball. I found it on every corner of the porch before I finally duct taped it to a big box so they couldn't toss it around and reinforced the plug connection so it didn't come lose if they did manage to pull it free. My point...the feeder is still working flawlessly albeit it looks like it went through the war!!!!

Eric Ward
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on February 1, 2019

We recently took in a very sweet cat. We learned that she is not only sweet but SMART too. My husband leaves about an hour before I do each day so he would go and feed her her breakfast before he left for work. Well an hour later I come downstairs and the cat is all over me guiding me towards her bowl. In my head i'm thinking poor kitty is hungry. NOPE. She would clean her bowl out so that she could have another serving of breakfast. SO FUNNY! We found out when she tried to do the same with dinner. I got home from work and she demanded I go to her bowl with her, my husband asks why i'm feeding her again and there we have it. Her little scam was found out! I did a little research and decided to give this bowl a try. I like that we can give her 4 meals a day (we didn't increase the amount of food she gets each day we just spread it out) We had our toddler record the optional message so 4 times a day you hear her squeaky voice announce chow time. It's adorable. The cat hears my daughters voice call out and bolts to her bowl even before it dispenses the kibble. As of right now we have had it just under a week and I am thoroughly impressed. Will update if any changes occur.

Kelley Holloway
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on January 1, 2019

This was the perfect gadget I needed for my small Yorkie. I heard its good for an animal to have a timely eating pattern. This little device does just that. I can spilt the amount of food he needs in a day in 4 portions. The portions are almost exact. Battery lasts a while. And easy to operate.

Melanie Flores
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on December 21, 2018

I was nervous at first about buying this feeder, because my cat is the defeater of all automatic feeders, BUT not this one! She has yet to defeat it and highly enjoys being fed at her normal times, plus it's a bonus for me, not having to worry about her getting her breakfast on time. I still get to spend plenty of time with her and I am pretty certain she loves me even more now than before, since she knows exactly when she is going to be fed and doesn't have to wait for me to return home for her dinner to be dispersed. I definitely recommend the product and, like any new product, if you read the instructions, it's pretty self explanatory. :)

Daryl Rodgers
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on November 26, 2018

This product is simply fantastic. Prior to owning this feeder my cat would constantly wake me up hours before my alarm went off trying to get food. With the ability to set 4 different feeding times (currently only using 3 and the smallest portion setting) I am able to schedule different snack times for my cat, and most importantly, it allows me to feed her something earlier in the morning, which keeps her happy and me sleeping. It also provides for great entertainment, as she is starting to learn the feeding times and bolts across the house like a bullet once she hears the motor turn. Highly recommend for any cat owners looking for an automated feeder.

Vickie Howell
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on November 23, 2018

I had to take a business trip and my pet sitter was out on maternity leave so I purchased two of these at the last minute for my kitties. They were simple to set up and I had them all filled and programmed in minutes. I got them set up the day before I left and checked at the appointed times and they were dispensing like a champ! I adjusted the amounts after I saw approximately how much each setting dispensed and my kitties were fat and happy while I was gone. These gave me peace of mind that they wouldn't gobble the extra I put out in a regular bowl since I was going to be gone and then go hungry the second day. I purchased another upon my return for a friend. I would definitely recommend them.

Bryant Miller
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on November 17, 2018

I purchased this feeder to have more control over my cats eating habits so he doesn't turn into a little fatty. I also wanted something that would keep his food fresh and to discourage ants/bugs from getting a free meal. I just received this little guy and it works wonderfully! After reading the instructions, it was easy to set up and worked immediately. I really like the voice option where I can say his name to call him over when it's feeding time. At first I wasn't crazy about the clock being in military time, but after you set up the feeding schedule it definitely makes it easier to understand exactly when it will work throughout the day vs worrying if you set it for am or pm. Overall, so far, I'm very happy with this product.

Kenneth Ramos
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on November 16, 2018

I bought this feeder because I have a diabetic dog at home and was worried about his blood sugar levels during the day. He happens to love his prescription diabetic dog food so I can no longer leave a bowl full of kibble out, or he'll eat until he's sick. I got this so that he could get little small meals throughout the day while my husband and I are at work. The instructions are worded funny, I'm assuming they were translated at some point and words were literally lost in translation, but I got the gist enough to program the feeder. I'm in the U.S. so the fact the measurements were in grams and time is military was a little annoying but easy enough to figure out. I was worried about the size of the feeder, and if it would be too small for my dog (21lb West Highland Terrier), but it's actually perfect. It took him some time to get used to it, the sounds startled him in the beginning and he avoided the feeder like it was a vacuum cleaner. Even after it was done dispensing food he wouldn't go near it, even though he would eye longingly at the food from a distance. We had to coax him to the bowl and give him a few pieces to show that it was safe and his food. It took about a week before he finally got over his fear of the feeder and now every day, like clock work, he waits by the feeder a few minutes before feeding time, and eats it with no problem. Every now and then a rogue piece of kibble falls out and he can hear it a mile away and will immediately get up to eat it. This was reasonably price in comparison to others, and while its more than I wanted to spend, it's worth the peace of mind.

Rita Francis
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on September 26, 2018

Very easy and straightforward to set up. It has a very long USB cord (short would have been fine but some may need this). It holds a boat load of food. I feed our cat once a day on 7 meal size option (which is about a half to 3/4 of a cup) and after filling it up exactly one week ago, it barely looks like any food is missing from the food reservoir. I love this unit because it is powered from the wall outlet and that my cat can't stick her paw in the dispenser hole to fish for extra food. My last feeder was plauged by both of these issues and I must say, this one works 100 times better than it. Also, the peace of mind knowing your pet will consistently be fed at the same time every day is a big plus. I highly recommend this feeder. 10/10... would definitely buy again.

Tasha Castro
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on September 11, 2018

I work long hours and my cat doesn’t believe in slow feeding so this is the perfect solution. It’s easy to set up (I didn’t set up the voice feature, so I can’t speak about that) and holds about a month’s worth of food for me. My cat has done her best to tear it apart to get the food out but the smooth design means she can’t get a good grip on it. Although she’s done plenty of damage to the screen of it (I’ve been using it for two months now). I worked out that 4 feedings of meal size 4 (20 oz) is about a cup of food. It does drop a few pieces of food at random, or when she sticks her paw way up there, but not enough to cause an issue. Overall, she’s happier and there’s less damage to the house now that she sits by the feeder for a few hours a day! This is the best money I’ve spent on my cat.

Alberta Frank
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on August 26, 2018

This works great. We named it 'the robot'. It is used outside on a covered porch for a ferral momma cat and her kittens. I chose this one for the lid because it takes two hands to open it. This one feature keeps the raccoons out. The racoons knocked it over, but didn't get to the food. It's now bungy corded to a table. Its marked up with their dirty little paw prints, but the racoons haven't busted in yet. It feeds the cat's on time and I like that I can program it for up to 4 meals. 1 serving seems small, but it's easy to increase the amounts. Very easy to program. I'm very pleased with this purchase.

Maggie Burke
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on June 17, 2018

Great Cat Feeder. I actually use this outside under a well covered patio. I chose this gumball type dispenser since I thought the ants would be less likely to find the food v/s the typical feeders that are flatter with the spinning opening on top. One month in and no ants and I think it keep the food a little fresher than the other kinds. You can control the number of servings for each feed. A "serving" is really small, just like a tablespoon. Then there is a manual button you can push to dispense food when you want to give an instant snack. This could go more than 7 days depending on how much food you have it spit out. I now use it most of the time even though I got it for weekends away.

Amanda Park
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on June 8, 2018

My cat is very food driven. I needed an automatic feeder, but I kept reading reviews feeders saying that their cat broke in and ate their food all at once. And I knew that if I gave her the chance my kitty would do exactly that. But I decided to try this one out because it seemed like the most difficult feeder for pets to get into (for a reasonable price). Here's what I love about this one in a few bullet points: -- difficult for cats to get into (my cat has used her paw to bat out a few from inside, but not more than just a couple loose pellets) -- even knocked over, it doesn't break open -- this thing has a POWER CHORD. I love not dealing with batteries! -- easy to open/close to refill food (and holds a decent two weeks worth of food!) -- It takes up more space vertically than horizontally, so I don't have to worry about it taking up too much floor space Granted, this isn't the most intuitive and user friendly product out there, but if you know how to read instructions, I don't think it's too difficult. The people on here who are complaining about it being confusing I don't think gave it a solid try. There are more user friendly versions out there, but they cost much more. For the price, it's absolutely amazing, and honestly better than I expected. I have had it for about a month now and I love it. Definitely recommend!

Julia Castro
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on May 31, 2018

My cat had a day or two of side-eyeing the new food dispenser, but quickly warmed up to it once he realized it was feeding him. Honestly, he was kind of them same way with me so this was to be expected. This is a great product that delivered on all the things it promised. Easy to program and operate, and it has helped a lot with giving him properly portioned meals. It also helps on those days when I can't be home all day to feed him, so its well worth the investment.

Bryan Byrd
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on May 21, 2018

This little invention is brilliant. At first, I thought my dog would bark at it...but I quickly realized it’s a machine giving out food. Happy camper. Full tale wags during food dispensing and consumption. The device itself is pretty easy to set up and program if you are use to pushing buttons and looking at a screen to see the little blinking am/pm, time, days of week, etc (think trying to set an old school electric digital alarm clock-if you pass the number you want, you have to keep pushing it until you get back to your number). I set it for meals twice a day and even let it dispensed a few bits for snacks when not home to keep the pup happy. The only con for me was the units to measure the dog food being dispensed was in grams. Had to do a bit of math but you could probably just keep testing out the different numbers until you got the amount for the meal or use a food scale If you have one. The time to dispense the food wasn’t incredibly fast but it completely works perfectly for our needs. I think we usually refill it maybe every 4 days? There is still food present.