Hidden Dog Fence With 3 Collars

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Train Your Dogs Safely & Keep Your Pets Close to Home!

Our Hidden Fence The safety and well-being of your pet is our top priority. In our view, setting up a successful Hidden Fence is a partnership. We will provide the tools and the know-how to help you train your pets to learn the Hidden Fence boundaries. After a small amount of dedicated training time on your end, we guarantee you will enioy peace of mind knowing they are safe and content in their surroundings.


  • Top of the line quality gear: Contains transmitter + improved boundary wire to cover 1.2 acres. One rechargeable & waterproof collar plus boundary training flags
  • For pups great or small: 5 different correction settings allows complete customisation for each dog. Secure-Pet Completely Hidden Fence Quick-Start Training Guide 2016 we're here to help! Our quick start guide and expert installation team are here to answer any and all questions


  • RECENT UPDATES: Upgraded SOLID copper boundary wire. Improved transmitter performance. Extended rechargeable battery life
  • UNSEEN AND EFFECTIVE DOG TRAINING: Teach your dogs to behave in the easiest manner with no frustrating episodes. If your pets have proven stubborn and hard-to-train, trespassing spaces they’re not supposed to be in, our wireless electric fence will quickly set boundaries, and train them to learn the off-limits places for them. Add an unlimited number of collars!
  • LATEST ELECTRIC FENCE TECHNOLOGY: With our containment system’s in-ground fence cords, you will be able to easily set up an hidden boundary for your pets. Our transmitter device is attractively designed, uses the latest radio wave technology and offers 5 correction levels for precise training. You will have no trouble setting it up quick and easy, using our clear and detailed instruction manual.
  • LONG AND CUSTOMIZABLE RANGE: The unit comes with 955 foot of solid copper wire enough wire to cover 1.2 acres. With our system’s in-ground cord, you will be able to cover the exact area you want, without the troublesome radio holes of cordless alternatives. Place the cord in shallow ground around the precise space you need to protect, and our transmitter will do the rest. Our transmitter can properly service up to 5 acres, should you acquire more cord.

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Customer reviews
4.6 out of 5

Beatrice Bowen
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on March 24, 2019

Rosemary Holland
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on March 20, 2019

I bought this fence and had a little trouble installing it. I was disappointed but I reached out to a Sit Boo Boo representative named John. John listened to me vent but eagerly and patiently gave me helpful solutions that assisted me with the product. He swiftly replaced parts that were giving me issues. The best part of my experience was that John continued to contact me afterwards to see if my setup was successful and again to make sure things were maintaining properly. My issues concerned the company and they took action to stand by their product and customer's needs. Service was wonderful! My dog is now free to roam around our property for the first time since Hurricane Michael.

Emilio Becker
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on March 17, 2019

I have an 85 lb German Shepherd mix and a 60 lb Pit Bull mix, and they were both jumping on and getting over my block fence to mess with the neighbor dogs. I was unable to leave them outside for more than a few minutes at a time without paying close attention or running to bring them in when I heard barking. They were squabbling with the neighbor dogs (three different back yard neighbors with dogs) even before pooping, which started leading to accidents in the house. I was very stressed about it all. So I got this kit and an extra collar (and a doggy door for the back yard). After setting it up and running the wire along the edge of the yard, I tested it on my hand (it's only ethical), and then attached them to the dogs. They both came outside, wandered for a minute, heard a neighbor dog, and started attempting to Jackie Chan their way up the corner of the fence to get at the other guys. The collar beeped, and they must have felt something, because they backed up and shook like they were shaking dust off. The neighbor dog kept barking. My Pit Bull had apparently decided that was enough, and stopped approaching the fence, though he kept running back and forth along it, albeit about 8 feet away. The German Shepherd took 1 or 2 more tries at the fence (he's always been a little slower), but immediately stopped. I brought a treat out and walked along the wall, tempting them. They followed me but did not approach until I brought it to them, again, about 8 feet away. And that was it. Let me tell you how well these trained my dogs: There have been more than a few times where we forgot to charge the collars, or didn't turn them on properly, or my mom was in town and mixed up how many beeps was "on" and how many were "off", and the dogs still don't approach the fence. They don't even test it. It's been 5 months, and the only issue I've had is one of the collars has started to be a little wonky about turning on, but the customer service responses were so quick and thorough at helping me sort out the issues, that I'm not even gonna let that change my rating. Besides, the dogs are so well trained by now that I can put the dead collar on them and they don't approach the walls still.

Jan Blake
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on February 26, 2019

This product is excellent. My dog is a master escapist (K9 Houdini), and with this product, I didn't even finish placing the warning flags when it became clear how far she could get close to the fence. Customer service was also phenomenal. I am not handy at all, and I had a hard time figuring out how to wire my backyard even after watching YouTube videos. I called Sit Boo-Boo, and they offer to have one of the installers call me back. Five minutes later, I was talking to them, and over the phone (wow) he explained the best option and how to go about it in a way that even I understood. Took me two hours to run the cable around the perimeter and connect it to the controller (that is literally a snap...well, two snaps). I would absolutely recommend this product, and I have request. If you could make a product that also works for bark control and as a training device, it would be awesome.

Cindy Abbott
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on October 7, 2018

My dogs were terrorizing the neighborhood. I bought a wireless system that operates on a radius with the location of the transmitter. It was the worst purchase ever. Constantly shocked my dogs and would go off at random times. Not to mention the collar would need charged daily. Hidden Dog Fence By Sit Boo-Boo was my last resort before building a fence. We live on a farm and I wanted them to have lots of room to run since they are large dogs. So a fence was not ideal. It took 2 hours to set up wire and transmitter, and stake it above the ground. I love that I don't have to bury it. It worked immediately. My dogs had been trained with a shocking collar since they were little that we could beep, vibrate, or shock. So they were already familiar with the tone and knew not to proceed. It has been the best thing ever. I highly recommend it, and feel the system is the best, safest one out there, and for a third of the price of the name brand wireless systems. So glad I found this before putting up an expensive, ugly fence. Thank you Sit Boo-Boo Happy Dog Owner/GA