Shoe UV Sanitizer

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Your Shoes Will Smell Much Fresher With Our Shoe Sterilizer


  • Three timing available: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, always on.
  • Small size, easy to carry and store.
  • Super intensity ultraviolet sterilization, UVC 253.7nm radiation intensity from the bulb, it can kill all bacteria, fungi, viruses and so on.
  • Ozone sterilization, ozone from bulb spreads to all corners of the shoes cavity and ensure the whole space sterilization.
  • Deodorization and drying, after the killing of various pathogens, it clears the smelly odor in shoes, and in the sterilization process, the heat from the bulb will dry the shoes to a certain extent.
  • Green and high efficiency, pure physical sterilization method, no secondary pollution. For 6 minutes working, the sterilization rate is up to 99.9pct.
  • Long lifetime and easy maintenance, bulb lifetime is about 8000 hours, unique designed bulb with screw socket can be replaced easily.
  • Apply to all kinds of shoes with cabin such as leather shoes, sports shoes, casual shoes, cloth shoes, children shoes, boots shoes, skating shoes, etc.
  • The charging cable is 2m, long enough for you to use.

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Customer reviews
4.6 out of 5

Paula Waters
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on July 3, 2018

So far, so good! I purchased this (along with a spray) to completely deodorize my entire shoe collection. So far, I've done 2 pairs of heels and a pair of Converse. One pair of heels had a bit of that weird "new-smell" (like when you first open the box) to it after using this. The other pairs of shoes smelled like.... nothing after, so it worked really well! I suspect these are exactly the same quality as other, more expensive UV shoe sterilizers so, if it comes down to price, don't hesitate to go after these. It was great, they run for 15 minutes and shut off automatically so I was able to do chores elsewhere without having to watch them. Highly recommend! I haven't had any contact with the company or anything (if you're worried this is biased). Just had me some stanky shoes.

Tiffany Sutton
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on June 11, 2018

Well I'll be damned it works!! I was skeptical but I figured I can always return it and shockingly it seemed to work on my hiking boots. I have a boot dryer and it helps but always leaves a little mildew smell. This seems to have cleared it right away after one use!!

Lisa Patton
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on May 18, 2018

It's pretty fast, consistent with the description. Work well, can be used for shoes and clothes, and think, for small rooms still come down. The Main Thing is not to drop, very fragile thing. Recommend to buy.

Elaine Ramirez
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on January 9, 2018

Arrived fast to USA, well packaged, in official hard box wrapped in air bubble envelope. Works as expected, sanitizing shoes fast, can smell the ozone Love how it works! The timer has 15 and 30 mins options, I'm using 15 for shoes. I Recommend

Judith Brown
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on November 20, 2017

Love this thing. Works on shoes, sandals, boots and gloves just about anything you need to dry. Makes a difference keeping shoes from starting and keeping the smell out. Don't expect miracles if you already have the funky smell in your shoe. It makes it better just won't remove it. I have sweaty feet and wear at least two pair of shoes in one day so it is nice

Meredith Delgado
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on September 1, 2017

Good device. After turn on the unit on 30 minutes smell of shoes really lost (for small shoes can be enough and 15 minutes. Convenient to use for procedures shoe box-placed shoes in a box and closed the cover

Lisa Dawson
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on August 25, 2017

Holly Griffin
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on August 17, 2017

Worked like a charm. I have had chronic athletes foot that was relentless. Properly disinfecting my shoes was key to success.

Guadalupe Johnston
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on August 8, 2017

This is what you need if you have an athletic star in the back of the mini-van costing you a boatload of training sessions. They take off their 100 dollar cleats and everyone in the car screams "Open the Windows" or "put your cleats back on!" Put these things in there and it kills the smell, the fungus, the mold, the stink, the bacteria, the smelly stinky odor! It really works. Look into these...wait, don't look into it as it also is bad for your eyes (literally). But buy it, stick it in the cleats and you will be rewarded by the freshest smelling cleats on the team. Does not work well with overly wet cleats. They will dry for normal use. But if your star is out there in the dewy morning and comes back with soaked cleats....they will not dry them enough. I bought the boot dryer for that. UPDATE: 1. Timer is a little too short. I usually turn the light on twice. I feel like 30 minutes is better than 15. 2. Does not dry soaked cleats. Great for normal dry practices where it is just sweaty feet. 3. Do not look into the light without your Raybans on. 4. I like these so much I gave a set away as a gift. 5. I have over 200 cycles on these and still going strong.