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Waist Trainers Are Perfect For Weight Loss Training, Workout Band, Or Even Postpartum Support Girdles

Everybody dreams to have a much trimmer and toned tummy but the mid-section flab has always been the hardest to go. Losing weight and a few inches in the waist is a struggle for both men and women.

Waist trimmer belts are not just new concepts of fashion. Waist cincher corsets are specifically
designed to shape the tummy & defines your waistline and maximize your curves to achieve an
hourglass figure. Waist trainers are perfect for weight loss training, workout band, or even postpartum support girdles.


  • PROMOTES WEIGHT LOSS & PREVENTS INJURY: The Sauna Waist Trainer Belt increases thermal activity and stimulates sweating, accelerating the belly fat burning process to shape & reduce the waist and abdomen. 
  • HIGHER COMPRESSION & ADJUSTABLE SIZE: Instead of massive hooks used for latex waist trainers, this waist trainer has double-adjustment velcro straps which are easier to put on. 
  • FIRM CONTROL WAIST TRAINING- StabilityPro's Slimming Waist Trainer Belt Body Shaper wraps easily around your tummy like a waist cincher, and provides adjustable firm compression around your abdomen & stomach. It gives you the hourglass curves instantly.
  • STIMULATE FAT BURNING & LOSE WEIGHT-- This waist trainer Sauna belt is constructed with Flex-boning technology. The belly fat burning waist trimmer belt targets your midsection, makes you sweat during fitness workouts and stimulates faster abdomen fat burning.
  • POST PREGNANCY BODY SHAPER - Great garment for women looking to shape their body after giving birth.  
  • TUMMY TUCK WITH BACK SUPPORT - Our waist trimmer belt is stretchy in the right places and provides tons of support to your sides and back. If you have lower back issues, our waist trainer functions as a compression binder around the waist offering lumbar support, pain relief and improved posture.
  • ADJUSTABLE, BREATHABLE & COMFORTABLE - 100% latex-free stretchy fine neoprene fabric, which means it is easy to clean, fits to your body, and will not pinch or irritate your skin
  • CUSHIONS & BACK SUPPORT: 4 reinforced acrylic bones encased in the rear canvas provide support for your back.



  • WAIST TRAINER TRAINING TRIMMER BELT: Made of comfortable & adjustable & stretchy fabric, Flexible and durable, 100% Latex-Free Neoprene Stretchy Comfortable Finest Fabric, which means it is easy to clean, fits to your body, and will not pitch or irritate your skin. double-adjustment hook&loop for sizing accuracy mesh backing for breathability. Great for postpartum belly abodomn corset
  • WEIGHT LOSS BELT: Our trimmer belt is made of Neoprene,polyester,which help the waist trimmer belt to be more flexible adding for the wearer.The slimming belt does not stab or jab like some other stomach belt do.Most of you would be looking to burn fat and calories.The whole point of this waist trimmer is to wear the belt while exercising and help burn more fat in your stomach area by basically making you sweat as if you had sauna around your belly
  • DESIGN OF TUMMY TRIMMER BELT: Wide enough to cover the stomach area and stay put during exercise;Thick enough to produce the heat and burn the fat,move the cellulite and expel toxins. Hook&loop closure to make sure that the belt is fastened tightly around the abs. Our tummy trimmer belt has a good amount of hook&loop to make people of many different sizes able to wear this trimmer belt easily.A spandex belt provides more cinching ability for this trainer
  • TUMMY TUCK & BACK SUPPORT: Our best waist trimmer belt is very stretchy in the right places and provides tons of support on your sides and back.Provides instant abdominal compression and lumbar support.The slimming waist cincher does not dig into your skin and lays flat all the way around.If you have lower back issues,our waist trainers,like a compression binder around the waist to offer lumbar support,help relieve pain and improve posture
  • FUNCTIONAL CORSETS SHAPEWEAR: Our waist trimmer belt also smooths your post baby tummy flab and love handles,helping you look slimmer.No more love handles muffin topping over your shorts.Ideal for providing compression and support for after pregnancy,postpartum recovery or post abdominal surgery,c section,lose weight,abdominal strains and weakness,tummy trainer.There is boning stripes through out the waist cinchers that helps to keep your back in the correct position


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Customer reviews
4.6 out of 5

Hubert Waters
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on April 24, 2019

I love my waist trainer/ sweat band! It's very comfortable, after a while I forget that I even have it on. As you can see, it is barely noticable underneath my tank top. It will kind of slip down or up after awhile and I'll get a little itchy from sweating so much, but you will have this with most waist trainers. However it stays in place a lot better than other ones that I've owned.

Marianne Ball
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on April 7, 2019

Marta Wheeler
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on February 11, 2019

This is by far exceeded my expectations. I bought this to wrap around vicks on my stomach. This thing does more than flattens your stomach... it takes away back pain even after u stop wearing it for days. If u have back paon when running for long or short periods this is for you. The quality is amazing too. There is really nothing bad to say abt it. It's a must get if u r just thinking abt it.

Marshall Norton
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on January 24, 2019

This works very well. It's easy to tighten. I wore it to the gym and it kept everything tight . It really made me beild up a sweat.

Gail Roberts
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on January 11, 2019

This belt is fantastic and it far exceeded my expectations. I’ve gained some weight due to a medication I’m taking, so my clothes aren’t fitting as I would like them to. I’ve purchased a more lingerie-type corset with hook and eye fasteners, but it’s difficult to get a custom fit. Once you’ve fastened what seems like an endless row of hooks, the thought of taking it off to adjust it is just painful. But this belt is so easy to put on. You can get just the right placement by first using only the base Velcro wrap. Once you’ve found the sweet spot, you can tighten the second set of straps as much as you want. It’s surprisingly comfortable, and though I wouldn’t wear it under any type of form-fitting clothing because it’s a bit bulky in the front, it’s undetectable under more relaxed clothes. I haven’t tried working out with it on yet, but I suspect it will be helpful because it really encourages correct posture.

Kimberly Baker
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on December 30, 2018

I bought this with many other waist cincher, girdle, shaper to bring my waist back to shape. This was by far the winner in terms of comfort, level of support, and the squeezing you need to get your waist back in shape. The other girdles are extremely uncomfortable to put on, is a pain to go to the bathroom, and usually unadjustable. This one is not. It’s not meant to give you a flat shape under your clothes like the other shapers, but to give you the shape you want to get INTO. It gets warm under, but the heat is supposed to help you get into shape as well. Hope this helps someone so they don’t have to buy 10 different ones to find the right one!!

Neal Lamb
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on December 30, 2018

I like that this belt can be easily tightened! Other velcro belts are so hard to tighten by myself and velcro constantly scratches me as I work out. I just wish it was a few inches longer. I have a short torso, but I would like it to also cover my lower belly. If you have any extra fat, it will push it outwards. I have been lifting weights for 2.5 years and this has helped me accentuate my waist as I lose extra fat. I don't think waist trainers make you lose fat but I think it helps shape your body AS you are in the process of losing the fat. (I do have a naturally slim waist due to genetics. My measurements Bust: 35 inches, Waist: 27, Hips: 40). I like that the velcro doesn't poke or itch me. I wear loose fitting shirts to the gym when I wear this since it can be bulky looking and squeeze some fat around the top and bottom of the belt.

Jerry Sharp
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on December 16, 2018

This waist trainer is dead ass the truth. Excuse my language but I’ve had it on for 6hours and I see results already. I’m literally sweating sitting down. I’ve bought a lot of waist trainers and none of them were like this. I know for a fact when I start my workouts with it, I’ll be saying bye bye waist hello snatched waist. I did not believe the waist trainer was going to work like it’s working because it’s cheap. Thank you finally somebody with a non expensive product that actually works

Jose Porter
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on December 3, 2018

Wore my waist trainer for the first time earlier at the gym today and I love it! I was a little worried at first mainly because of the price tag. At $13.99 I wasn't expecting much (I have a corset style waist trainer that cost way more than this) and thought it was going to be some cheap knock-off product or something but I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't uncomfortable while I worked out and I had no problems with it getting loose or anything either. It also made my mid-section sweat real nice while also adding back support which felt great especially when I did squats. As for sizing, just follow their sizing chart. I did and mine fit perfectly. I noticed several people asking questions about what size to get and basing it on their height and weight which doesn't make any sense since the size should be based on the measurement of your waist line which is unique to your body shape and not dependent on how tall/short/fat/skinny you are. Just grab a measuring tape and measure yourself then follow the sizing chart.

Guy Cortez
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on November 2, 2018

I love this waist trainer. My metabolism has slow since having my daughter & I'm 1 size heavier but with extra stomach & back fat. I wore this 1 DAY at the track & see the difference already. Some of the fat is gone & my stomach is almost flat again. I like that it has strong built in supports that hold you in & the double stretch velcro closure adds to it as well. My waist is a 33 & I bought a L. My goal is a 29 after I lose this fat. When I reach my goal I'll buy the M. This is one of the best trainers I've tried. As long as they make it, I will buy it!

Pauline Francis
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on October 9, 2018

I am 5'3" and about 160lbs. I wear a size 7-8. I got a medium and it fit perfectly. I bought this for back support purposes, as I don't think it will have waist training effect, just my opinion. Either way, I wear it when I work out and weight train. I also have been wearing it when I work my 12 hour shifts and at my second job that has a lot of standing. This has supported my posture and really made me conscience of me sitting up and standing tall. I typically feel my lower abdominal muscles can be stronger, this device make me conscience to contract my abdominals and not to bend as often. When I sit, it makes me sit up straight. I would definitely recommend especially for the price, it is a great value if you want to train yourself to have better posture or just support your back when working or training.

Jacob Washington
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on October 4, 2018

works very good i’m so happy with the results i’m seeing

Adrian Farmer
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on September 30, 2018

I gained 30 lbs last year and I went from a size 2-4 to a 8-10. I needed this to help boost my toning in the gym and it helps, you will sweat buckets in your mid-section if you wear this during a cardio workout. I also use it for weight training because it gives your back extra support. At once point I had stopped going to the gym, and I injured my back really bad during an afternoon of Christmas shopping when I was carrying my 35 lbs toddler on my hip while wearing heels. I could barely stand, and as an accountant I needed to be able to sit for long periods of time. This trainer was a life saver. I wore it all day at my desk, for 8 hours straight every day for weeks. I would not have been able to work without it. It helped relieve my back pain because it gave my back support and also helped me sit up straight. My posture has been so much better since. It's comfortable and durable, plus it has multiple uses. It isn't too bulky, so I could wear it under my sweater or sweatshirt at work all day without anyone knowing.

Jimmie Hill
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on September 28, 2018

I just received my belt and instantly feel in love. It fit true to size. Great for back posture. I worked up a good sweat. Will purchase anything for my friend.

Bobbie Parker
Verified Purchase
Reviewed in the United States on September 24, 2018

The product has many Velcro straps for more security. It supports your back and compresses your tummy. It also makes you sweat the abs area while training. Would definitely recomend if you do weight lifting and need to protect you back or if you do cardio and are trying to burn belly fat.